Remodeling And Renovation

U-B-Fixed is a company that can assist you in making your remodeling and renovation decisions.

Prioritizing your wish list is a good start. Beginning with overdue maintenance, neglected tasks and forgotten repairs. The next worthwhile avenue to pursue may be a home makeover.

Outdoor Improvements

U-B-Fixed is your outdoor improvement company dedicated to getting the job done right.

Decks, gates, fences and nearly everything else in and around your home needing fabrication or fixing.

Adding outdoor improvements to your home can not only increases the value of your home but adds aesthetic beauty.

New Construction

While it may seem like a lot of work to find the right contractor, hiring an expert to handle your new construction project ensures that your job is completed correctly and more quickly.

U-B-Fixed is a licensed contractor and can help you with most new construction projects.

Major Projects

While we do love being there for all your Remodeling, Renovation, Outdoor Improvements, and New Construction needs, we are also there for any small projects you might need help with. U-B Fixed be right around the corner.